Listen or download We Love to Shop TEEN DANCE REMIX of OMG BFF LOL theme song by Boom Bip

Listen or download We Love to Shop. theme song From OMG BFF LOL.

Original song written and produced by Charlie White and Greg Weeks, performed by Jessica Weeks, 2008

Charlie White: OMG BFF LOL
Video A

June 2, 2009, to September 20, 2009
Curator: Mónica Ramírez—Montagut

By now, every bona fide Blackberry or iPhone owner probably knows that the abbreviations OMG, BFF, and LOL stand for “oh my God,” “best friends forever,” and “laughing out loud” in the world of Short Message Service (SMS), which has come to be known as texting.

Charlie White uses this technology shorthand to title his recent animation, OMG BFF LOL, on view at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum from June 2 to September 20, 2009. An exhibition reception was held on June 21.

Based on a two-year study of the behavior of an actual American teenage girl, the animation is part of a larger project called The Girl Studies that dissects the desires and social anxieties of our era. The animation is meant to perform as a viable cartoon for young girls, while simultaneously providing a platform from which viewers can critique them. White’s works in photography, film, and more recently animation, often offer fictitious narratives to help us understand and evaluate the underlying realities of contemporary life.

This particular project features Tara and Blakey, two American-girl cartoon characters with pink-glitter accessories, trendy clothing, and commercial desires. These archetypes of the American teen are used to examine their representation from different angles. Set in three looping scenes, OMG BFF LOL contains the cartoon’s capitalist manifesto, “having is so much better than wanting,” discussed by the girls in a crystal shopping mall scene. The second and third scenes, set in a bedroom and bathroom, open the door to the interior loneliness and isolation of the two main characters, as viewers observe them surfing TV channels and radio stations, snacking, posing in front of a full length mirror, and crying, as a digital clock marks the passage of time.

White wrote and directed OMG BFF LOL, working in collaboration with Chuck Gammage studios, a Canadian animation house, to create the intentionally dated quality of the scenes. He explains, “The three segments loop on a now obsolete 4:3 Sony Trinitron monitor, which conjures the television as both box and broadcast mechanism.”

As part of the project, two music tracks—We Love to Shop, the theme song from OMG BFF LOL, and the teen-dance remix of We Love to Shop by respected DJ Boom Bip—will be available for free download at In addition, for ten dollars, the DVD of OMG BFF LOL will be available at the Museum store, for the must-have consumer.

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Charlie White: OMG BFF LOL —Video A

Charlie White, OMG BFF LOL (animation still from bathroom scene), 2008
courtesy of the artist

Charlie White: OMG BFF LOL—Video A

Charlie White, OMG BFF LOL (animation still from bedroom scene), 2008
courtesy of the artist

Charlie White: OMG BFF LOL—Video A

Charlie White, OMG BFF LOL (animation still from mall scene), 2008
courtesy of the artist

The Artist:
Charlie White, born in Philadelphia in 1972, has created some of the most arresting and trenchant images in contemporary photography. White’s photographs, films, and recent animations dissect the desires and social anxieties that trouble the American collective unconscious. Based in Los Angeles, White is associate professor at the University of Southern California, Roski School of Fine Arts, where he is also director of the MFA program.

The Aldrich is supported, in part, by the Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

Charlie White, OMG BFF LOL, 2008
Courtesy of the artist,

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